VAN DER HAGEN TWIST Adjustable Safety Razor




Customize your shave with the Adjustable Safety Razor. The innovative twist design gives you control across 6 settings of blade exposure, so you can find a shave that?s suited to your skin?s unique sensitivity level and hair type.
Single blade safety razors cut the hair at surface level instead of taking off a top layer of your skin, which helps reduce bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation. Use the twist handle to set blade exposure from levels 1 to 6. Level 1 is a mild shave and is ideal for fine hair or sensitive skin. Level 6 is an aggressive shave for tough, coarse hair. The simple snap top helps keep your level setting preference when changing blades.

  • Matte design and silver coating for a sleek style. 
  • 5 German-made, stainless-steel blades are included.

(Barcode: 893164012329)

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