VAN DER HAGEN Shave Butter (6oz)




Our moisturizing Shave Butter is packed with soothing ingredients like shea, mango, and cocoa butter.


  • The creamy blend creates a slick layer of protection between shave area and blade without leaving behind the mess of foam or residue like traditional shaving creams do.
  • Shave Butter locks in moisture and is soap-free, so it won?t dry out your skin. 
  • Any residual shave cream can be rubbed in like a lotion after you shave, leaving you with soft, smooth skin all day.
  • Get a silky-smooth shave and avoid pesky nicks, cuts and razor burn with our Shave Butter.
  • Whether you?ve got dry or sensitive skin, coarse or fine hair, Shave Butter will give you a smooth and irritation-free shave.
  • It?s also great for women who enjoy a bump and blemish-free shave.

(Barcode: 893164000647)

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