TROPIC ISLE LIVING Jamaican Black Castor Oil [Extra Dark] (4oz)




Jamaican Black Castor Oil [Extra Dark] (4oz)


  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil XX Dark is a new formulation. It is fire-roasted with water and no char filtration. The char residue is left in the oil to produce an enriched detoxifying restorative oil for the hair and skin.

How to Use

  • Hair Usages
    • Hot Oil Treatment for kinky & extremely dry hair
    • Scalp irritation
    • Dandruff / dry itchy scalps
    • Hair growth / damaged
    • Traction Alopecia & edge repair
    • Chemical burns from hair products
    • Helps to build and restore extreme hair dama
  • Skin Usages
    • Skin Conditioner - extremely dry skin
    • Eczema
    • Chapped, cracked work hands
    • Beards - thick density
    • Skin irritation

(Barcode: 850007134433)

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