THE DOUX Bee Girl Crazy Sexy Curl Setting Form




The craziest, sexiest, juiciest curls powered by the science of super-charged honey, aloe, bamboo, and silk amino acids. Hydrates, protects, and defines all hair types. Tight, high-density, dry curls too. No cap. That’s because our natural honey is given a positive charge, which smooths the hair’s negatively-charged cuticle to boost shine, seal in moisture, and fight frizz. 


  • For best results, DO NOT apply oil to the hair before applying this product.
  • We mean it! Apply a juicy amount to clean, damp hair in small sections, smoothing for roots to ends.
  • Air dry, hood dry, or diffuse.
  • Allow hair to dry 100% before separating curls.

(Barcode: 850031703476, 850031703223)

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