THE DOUX 808 Base Gel (12oz)




For juicy, shiny curls that crave extra length, reach for our 808 Base Gel. This medium-hold gel serves as a base layer, locking in long-lasting frizz protection, definition, and bounce. Excellent for Wash & Go's, Twist-Outs, and TWA?s.


  • Smooth through wet hair with fingers in small sections and allow curls to "clump" together. 
  • Use alone or top it off with a small amount of MOUSSE DEF Texture Foam. 
  • For bouncier results, dry sections of hair using a diffuser until the hair is 100% dry. Fluff as desired. 
  • PRO TIP: Apply 808 Base Gel first when layering other products. DO NOT apply oil to the hair before applying 808 Base Gel.

(Barcode: 850031703919)

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