TALIAH WAAJID Protective Styles Braids & Edges Smooth Holding Gel (8oz)




Protective Styles Braids & Edges Smooth Holding Gel


Holds hair in place for easy, smooth styling. Strengthens and moisturizes with non-flaky, non-gummy, non-greasy formula. Promotes healthy hair and made for all hair types.

  • Braiding: Crisp, neat, parting and styling while braiding, twisting hair
  • Edges: Smooths hair while giving strong, flake-free hold and easy styling
  • Styling: Holds hair in place without stiffness or flaking


  • For Braiding
    • Apply Taliah Waajid? Braids & Edges Smooth Holding Gel to parted section before braiding, twisting with or without extension hair. 
    • Tip: You can apply product to the extension hair before beginning to braid or twist for smoother braids and twist application.
  • Edges
    • Apply daily to smooth down and style hair around hairline. 
    • Great for styling edges back to hold into a style and great for creative baby hair, swirls and designs.
    • For overnight styling, use a scarf to hold style in place for extra style-staying power. 
  • Lace Front Hairline Styles
    • Use the same technique for creating lace front hairline styles.

(Barcode: 815680003308)

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