[SUNNY ISLE] 100% Pure & Natural Moringa Oil (4oz)

Sunny IsleSKU: SIS00571



SUNNY ISLE 100% Pure & Natural Moringa Oil (4oz)


  • Applied to your head Sunny Isle 100% Pure and Natural MORINGA OIL gives a glow to dry hair, gets rid of dandruff and repairs split ends. 

  • FOR HAIR:  Add 2-3 drops to your own favorite shampoo or conditioner. This oil is absorbed very easily by the skin and the scalp and helps the cells to rejuvenate
  • FOR SKIN:  Just mix a few drops of Moringa Oil with your favorite cream, lotion, make-up remover, shower & bath gel, shampoos, face mask, sunscreen products and various lip balms.

  • 100% Pure Cold Pressed Moringa Seed Oil (Moringa Olefeira)

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