SUNFLOWER Difeel Hand & Body Lotion (1.4oz)

SunflowerSKU: SUN32101



Difeel Hand & Body Lotion

  • The unique restorative Hand Creams moisturize and nourish through the careful blending of Vitamin E, Natural Oil, and Botanical Extracts.
  • The unique formula softens the outer layers of the skin, boosts moisture levels, helps prevent further moisture loss, and creates a protective barrier on the skin?s surface.

(Barcode: 711716321128, 711716321012, 711716321029, 711716321036, 711716321043, 711716321050, 711716321067, 711716321074, 711716321081, 711716321098, 711716321104, 711716321197, 711716321203, 711716321135, 711716321142, 711716321159, 711716321180, 711716321166)

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