SALON PRO Chic Bond Lace Wig Bond (1.15oz)





  • Rich in Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that provide maximum moisturization while keeping the skin soft and supple. 
  • Superb hold with one coat/layer and ideal for high temperatures.


  • Invisible Hold Lace Wig Bond is formulated specifically for oily skin and sensitive scalps, while absorbing oils and moisture. 
  • Ideal for high humidity and high temperatures. 
  • It is infused with bamboo extract that helps promote elasticity and horsetail extract which contain natural anti-oxidants.


  • Apply a thin layer of Chic Bond ? Extreme ? below the hairline.
  • Let the product become tacky to the touch and clear in appearance.
  • Apply lace wig netting onto the bond while applying pressure to secure.
  • For best results: place a scarf around the application area until the lace wig unit is secure.
  • Note: to remove the lace wig and lace bond residue use Salon Pro 30 Sec? Chic Bond? Lace Wig Bond Conditioning Remover.

(Barcode: 746817585551, 746817585568)

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