ORLY Smart GELS Gel Color (0.18oz)

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  • ORLY smart GELS are DBP, Formaldehyde, and Toluene free and feature the award-winning Gripper Cap.
  • Create a salon manicure at home with professional results with Orly Smart Gels!
  • Made in the USA

(Barcode: 079245580011,079245580066,079245580080,079245580097,07924 5580165,079245580530,079245580714,079245580769,079245582015, 079245582053,079245582930,079245582947,079245582954,079245583630, 079245584613,079245584668,079245584798,079245584842,079245585757, 079245586518,079245586624,079245587089,079245587133,079245587218, 079245581001,079245581100,079245581155,079245535202,079245531013, 079245531044,079245512104)

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