ONE 'N ONLY Colorfix Argan Oil Permanent Hair Color Remover

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Remove unwanted permanent hair color with One 'n Only Colorfix? with Argan Oil.

Our precise control formula was designed for either full or slight color correction and allows for color correction to specific areas. One 'n Only Colorfix with Argan Oil is a natural hair care product that contains no ammonia or bleach. It is effective on all hair types and can be used for straight, wavy, and curly hair care.


  • Removes any level of hair color with precision
  • Precise control formula allows color correction to specific areas
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Great for all hair types, including curly and wavy hair
  • Natural hair care product that does not contain ammonia or bleach
  • Cruelty-free


    1. Mix equal parts of Colorfix Part 1 Color Reducer and Part 2 Conditioning Catalyst in a tint bowl or an applicator bottle. Mix as much as needed for the density and length of the hair being corrected. If mixed in an applicator bottle, shake vigorously until thoroughly mixed (45 seconds to 1 minute).
    2. Use as soon as possible on dry hair after mixing when the mixture is active. Wearing gloves and using a tint brush, apply quickly and evenly to hair. Gently work through dry hair to ensure even penetration.
    3. Once applied, cover hair loosely with a plastic cap and process for up to 20 minutes. Strand test frequently. Low, warm dryer heat may be used to speed processing time.
    4. Rinse hair for 3-5 minutes and shampoo.
    5. If sufficient color is not removed, repeat steps 2 through 4 on damp, towel-dried hair. Take care not to repeat the above process more than 2-3 times if your scalp is dry or damaged.
    6. When the desired level of color removal has been achieved, apply Processing Lotion for 5 minutes. 
    7. Due to the nature of dye molecules, hair may darken to an unacceptable level. If so, repeat Steps 2-4 on damp hair, until sufficient color is removed. 
    8. Rinse well. 
    9. Dry hair with a warm heat setting, taking care not to cause scalp irritation with too much heat. 
    10. You may now proceed with your color application if performing a full-color corrective service.
  • FOR SLIGHT COLOR CORRECTION (The lightening color that has become too dark or ashen)
    1. Mix 1/4 oz Part 1 Color Reducer with 1/4 oz Part 2 Conditioning Catalyst and 1 oz shampoo. 
    2. Wearing gloves, apply the mixture to damp, towel-dried hair only to the areas of the hair that require lightening, and work into a lather. 
    3. Process until desired shade has been reached, performing frequent strand tests to ascertain timing.
    4. When the desired shade has been reached, rinse thoroughly and shampoo.

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