LOTTABODY Coconut & Shea Oils Blowout Lotion (8oz)

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LOTTABODY Coconut & Shea Oils Blowout Lotion (8oz)


  • Enriched with Coconut and Shea Oils, this formula deeply penetrates and hydrates hair, leaving hair soft and nourished with a brilliant shine.
  • This lightweight, non-greasy, temporary straightening lotion allows you to easily change your look from naturally curly to silky-straight.
  • It conditions and protects hair from over-drying and breakage while defying humidity and frizz, leaving hair shiny and smooth.

  • Cleanse hair with Lottabody Co-Wash.
  • Shake bottle.
  • Rub Sleek Me Blowout Lotion between palms of hands and apply evenly from roots to ends to damp hair.
  • Blow-dry hair and flat iron for a silky sleek finish.
  • *Until your next shampoo

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