LOC N Squeaky Clean Detox Shampoo (8oz)

Loc NSKU: LON90322



Squeaky Clean Detox Shampoo is a 100% natural, pH balanced, shampoo. Specifically developed to address build-up on hair.

Just what it says! Squeaky Clean!  using only vegetable-derived, and safe, ingredients for overall scalp health ? with an emphasis on hair cleansing, scalp stimulation, and healthy hair.

All of the attributes of a salon shampoo, are developed with essential nutrients to feed the hair and scalp, along with gentle circulatory enhancement to support a healthy scalp, and hair as a result. Vegetable-derived surfactants, and natural preservatives, cleanse the hair, gently and effectively, without stripping it, to support the scalp?s natural oil reserves and pH mantle.

  • Soft silky, creamy, feel
  • Mild cleansers nurture the skin and protect the hair.
  • Accepts fragrance readily to minimize production times.
  • Holds fragrance well to minimize fragrance and help avoid sensitivities.
  • Suitable for use unscented, will only thicken slightly when fragrance is added.
  • 100% natural

(Barcode: 860009903227)

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