GHOST BOND Remove-All Scalp Exfoliating Gel (8oz)




Remove All is a mildly abrasive exfoliate that ensures the scalp is left fresh and healthy to promote maximum bonding time. 

  • Remove All has been formulated with hypo allergenic scrubbing beads instead of nut shells. 
  • The reason for this is that there are many people who have allergies to nuts. 
  • This can and in some cases has caused allergic reactions which can be a nightmare for both client and technician. 
  • Our scrubbing beads are created at a ratio to ensure that the abrasions created on the scalp are very minimal. 
  • The reason for this is when there are larger beads or any type of abrasive material used to exfoliate the skin, they cause deep abrasions on the scalp. 
  • When these microscopic abrasions heal themselves they itch very badly. 
  • The lighter the abrasions on the scalp, the less itching you will have. 
  • Remove All ensures skin abrasion is limited, leaving a healthy scalp.

(Barcode: 609722968164)

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