FROMM Limited Edition Neon Glow Color Kit




Limited Edition Neon Glow Color Kit


  • Neon pink 5" x 11" foils are thicker to hold up to balayage and freehand painting techniques and lightly embossed for perfect grip
  • Feather Brush features light tension and extra flexibility for expertly blended soft and natural results; ideal for freehand painting, balayage and blending
  • Soft Brush features flexible bristles with medium tension for expertly blended soft and natural color results; ideal for all color techniques
  • Firm Brush is ideal for classic techniques including all over color, highlights and root touch ups
  • 10oz color bowls feature a stainproof matte finish, easy-to-grip tab handle and spill proof rubberized base
  • Stainproof matte sectioning clips hinge in the middle to hold small or larger sections of hair securely
  • Kit includes: 50 neon pink 5" x 11" pop-up foils, 3 color brushes(feather, soft and firm), 3 color bowls(10oz), 3 sectioning clips

(Barcode: 023508128878)

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