EZBRAID Ezcrochet Bohemian Wave (18inch)




The very first Itch-Free & Pre-Stretched Crochet hair that you've been waiting for.

  • Most synthetic hair product companies only work with Kanekalon Fiber. EZBRAID is different. EZBRAID wants to offer a better solution. Healthier alternative. The only clean, fresh and sweat resistant anti-bacterial fiber in the world. Spetra Fiber.
  • Spetra is one of the world's first best fiber brand for hair products for women and gives beautiful hair styles. Being safe and clean, it is responsible to the health of wearers all over the world.
  • Spetra provides a suitable fiber to fit all the hair styles including hair weaving, crochet, hair accessories and braid. Spetra uses beautiful, healthy and safe material as well as eco-friendly recyclable material for the environmental safeness of earth.
  • Itch-free 
  • Pre-stretched premium handmade crochet hair

(Barcode: 636655698950, 636655698974, 636655698981, 636655698998, 636655699001, 636655699018, 636655699025)

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