ECO Styling Gel Gold [Olive Oil & Shea Butter Black Castor Oil & Flaxseed]




Eco Styling Gel Gold Olive Oil & Shea Butter Black Castor Oil & Flaxseed

  • The gold standard of hair gels is here.
  • This product contains everything you need all in one styling gel.
  • Eco Style Gold Gel brings together the greatest elements of our top products.
  • 100% pure olive oil moisturizes,  shea butter protects and repairs while black castor & flaxseed oil promote total hair and scalp health. 

  • Apply to dry or wet hair.
  • For all hair Types 
  • Work gel into hair and style as desired. 

(Barcode: 748378004717,748378004700,748378004694,748378004724)

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