ECO Gel Boosters (4oz)




ECO STYLE Gel Boosters are a benefit-enhancing dose of all natural oil serums. Boosters target a desired need like strength, color protection, or wash-day bounce back.ECO STYLE Gel Boosters take the guesswork out of cocktailing with gel-compatible ingredients, in the right dose,that make mixing simple and mistake-free.

  • ECO00001 (Curl Revival): Eco Style CURL REVIVAL was created to help revitalize dry damaged hair and replenish with 5 different types of oils.
  • ECO00002 (Color Brilliance): Eco Style COLOR BRILLIANCE was created to helps color stay brilliant. Helps color last longer than gel alone with key ingredients such as baobab tein.
  • ECO00003 (Strand Restore): Eco Style STRAND RESTORE was created to help strengthen and repair dry damaged hair. Conditioning blend formula offers a blend of oils for maximum style.

How to Use

  • For best results, do not mix the entire bottle of Booster into your gel.
  • Mix 1 drop equivalent to a pea size amount of ECO STYLE highly concentrated Boosters with a handful of the ECO STYLING GEL, in the palm of your hands, to give your hair an improved styling outcome.
  • Apply to dry or wet hair.
  • For second-day styling, hydrate the hair before applying gel.
  • Shampoo the hair regularly to eliminate build-up.
  • Use one or combine two ECO STYLE Boosters, based on the desired need.

(Barcode: 830372000014, 830372000021, 830372000038)

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