ECO Benefit Edit Gel (16oz)




  • ECO00005 (Moisturize): Eco Style MOISTURIZE Benefit Edit Gel is ECO Gold Gel restaged to highlight premium ingredients. Gold is blended with natural supplements known to protect the hair and scalp and necessary for healthy protective styling: Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin E and Omega 3.
  • ECO00006 (Block Humidity): Eco Style BLOCK HUMIDITY Benefit Edit Gel is blended with natural ingredients that seal in moisture and repels the moisture on the hair for styles that remain unchanged or uncompromised by humidity.
  • ECO00007 (Protect): Eco Style PROTECT Benefit Edit Gel is a mixture of golden moisturizing oils known to replenish and nature the hair. The formula protects the root, scalp, and follicle, while providing controlled smoothing, definition, and hold, to minimize pulling and stress.
  • ECO00040 (Strengthen): Eco Style STRENGTHEN Benefit Edit Gel is ECO Super Protein Gel restaged to highlight the benefit formula with a new design. Super Protein is enriched with natural proteins known to fortify strands. This daily styler combines the smoothing effect with protection.

(Barcode: 830372000052, 830372000069, 830372000076, 830372000403)

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