EBIN MELT'N Styling Gel Blue [Eucalytus + Vitamin E]




Melt'N Styling Gel, a cutting-edge hair care solution crafted to cater to the diverse needs of consumers without compromising affordability. Our goal is to disrupt the market by offering a top-tier hair gel at an accessible price. Melt?N offers range of gel that are woke, young, trendy, and affordable allowing everybody to find the prefect gel that to suit their needs to empower individual to express their unique style.  Melt'N Styling Gel boasts a lightweight formula, prioritizing a firm grip and exceptional curl definition without weighing hair down or leaving behind any unwanted residue. Melt'N Styling Gel comes in three distinct variations, each formulated to address specific hair care needs and preferences, Biotin + Almond oil, Keratin + Black Castor Oil, and Eucalyptus + Vitamin E.

[HAIR GEL] Meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of consumers while ensuring affordability and quality that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of consumers, offering salon-worthy results at a fraction of the cost of traditional hair gels.

[PREMINUM INGREDIENT] Refreshing burst of eucalyptus combined with the nourishing power of Vitamin E with this invigorating variant. Not only does it provide a cooling sensation upon application, but it also hydrates the scalp, leaving hair looking and feeling its best.

[LIGHTWEIGHT] A lightweight formulation that delivers a strong hold and exceptional curl definition, ensuring your hair stays perfectly styled throughout the day without grease or residue.

[VERSATILITY] Whether you are aiming for sleek sophistication or effortless beach waves, Melt'N Styling Gel is the go-to solution for achieving your desired hairstyle with ease and confidence. Our product is designed with a trendy aesthetic, setting it apart from competitors and making it a statement piece in any hair care routine.

(Barcode: 810122682776, 810122682806, 810122682837)

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