CURLS Curly Q Custard Curl Cream (8oz)

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Curls  Curly Q Custard Curl Cream (8oz)


  • This rich and creamy custard textured cream provides great curl definition, weight and sheen for curly girls.
  • It is loaded with certified organic ingredients (Certified Organic Sunflower Oil and Certified Organic Aloe Leaf Juice) and moisturizing butters (e.g. Shea and Mango) to hair strengthening ingredients such as Panthenol and Lecithin.
  • Curly Q Custard will naturally elongate her curls.
  • Voted Parent Magazines Favorite Product for Girls with Kinky Textured Curls.

  • For kinky, curly hair that tends to “get big” or “poof” when let down, condition rinse, moisturize with Moist Curl.
  • Apply our Champagne & Caviar Curl oil, separate into 4-8 sections, apply Curly Q Custard on each section, smooth her hair and edges with your boar brush (this will make her hair look less poofy once dried) braid each section and allow the hair to air dry.
  • Once dry (will take several hours – best time to do so is early evening until the next morning) remove braids…refresh with a little moisturizer and go!



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