CREME OF NATURE Pure Honey Hair Food Acai Berry Leave In Treatment (8oz)




Pure Honey Hair Food Acai Berry Leave In Treatment

Creme of Nature Pure Honey Hair Food Acai Berry Leave-In Treatment is formulated with our signature blend of Pure Honey, Natural Coconut Oil & Shea Butter.

  • Infused with Certified Natural Acai Berry, this moisturizing leave-in treatment is perfect to care for the hair and scalp during all stages of protective styles.

Cares For Your Hair in All stages of Protective Styles: Before, During & After.

  • Before: Provides Nourishing Moisture, Refreshes & Gives Shine.
  • During: Provides Nourishing Moisture, Eases Tension, Prevents Scalp Dryness, Refreshes & Gives Shine.
  • After: Provides Nourishing Moisture, Refreshes, and Helps Prevent Damage When Taking Down Protective Styles.


  • Spray a light mist and gently massage onto hair scalp.
  • Apply generously during take down.

(Barcode: 075724006324)

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