CLAIROL SOY4PLEX Cream Permanente Developer (16oz)




  • Includes a Sleek Tint Applicator Brush for easy application, professional results, and mixing with hair colors!
  • Clairol Creme Developer mixes easily with any Clairol Professional haircolor or lightener into a creamy consistency. Ideal for bowl-and-brush application. --- With a Deep Conditioning SOY4PLEX formula, Clairol Professional Crème permanent hair color is a nourishing, smoothing hair color.
  • Provides a slightly thicker, more opaque mixture. Laboratory stabilized to guarantee consistent, predictable results. Designed for standard lightening action, superior gray coverage.
  • Clairol professional crème developer contains protective conditioners and emollients and is stabilized for 3 years. It is designed for use with permanent colors, and also perfect, for use with all powder and liquid lighteners.
  • Its creamy consistency makes it ideal for bowl-and-brush or bottle application. Ideal for achieving the lightest results on naturally dark brown or dark blonde hair.

(Barcode: 070018103987, 070018104007, 070018104052, 070018104076)

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