CANTU Smooth Thick Hair Styler Brush -Boar Bristle

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Smooth Thick Hair Styler Brush -Boar Bristle

Achieve the perfect blowout for your natural hair with Cantu's Smooth Thick Styler.


  • Featuring longer bristles than traditional styling brushes and a non-slip grip, the Smooth Thick Styler allows for faster blow-drying time while helping you keep total control of the styling brush.
  • This extra large vented brush is made specifically for blow-drying thick, long hair, but also works great for medium-length curls and coils and all hair types and textures.
  • It's custom designed with longer boar bristles, which distributes your hair's natural oils for an enhanced shine and retained moisture.
  • To use, divide wet hair into small sections.
  • Start from the bottom and work your way up to the root while allowing heat from the blow dryer to push through the vents.
  • Repeat in each section. For best results, first coat hair with Cantu's Thermal Shield Heat Protectant, and then follow blow drying instructions.
  • Style as desired.

(Barcode: 817513018886)

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