CANTU Protective Styles Conditioning Detangler (8oz)

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Cantu Protective Styles Conditioning Detangler is a 2 in 1 conditioner that provides superior slip to remove tangles in extensions while also adding moisture and shine to your natural hair. This product helps work away knots accumulated from wearing protective styles for long periods of time. Infused with aloe vera and marula oil to soften, smooth & moisturize. Great for wigs and extension hair, in addition to natural hair in the take down and conditioning process.

  • Co-Developed with Celebrity Expert Hairstylist Angela Stevens
  • For Use on Natural Hair and Extensions
  • No Mineral Oil or Silicones
  • Made with Marula Oil & Aloe Vera
  • Adds slip without residue
  • For Wigs, Braids, Weaves & Locs


  1. Spray on detangler as pretreatment when removing braids or a weave. Spray on each section prior to combing out or deconstructing the braid to help add moisture and prevent breakage during the take down process.
  2. Spray generously into wet hair, extensions, and wigs and locs. Comb or message through and allow to sit 5 minutes before rinsing.
  3. Spray on braids/ locs to add more hydration to the natural hair and scalp.
  4. spray on curly/ wavy/ coily/ extensions to help reduce frizz and prevent tangling.

(Barcode: 810006943795)

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