CANTU Sturdy Double Lift Pick

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Sturdy Double Lift Pick


Are you tired of waiting for 2nd and 3rd-day hair to achieve the volume you love? Are you ready to catch eyes wherever you go with a 'fro that's out of this world? 

  • Cantu has crafted the Double Lift Pick just for you! Made with durable material that features a non-slip grip, the Double Lift Pick adds volume to hair with ease. 
  • With more than double the amount of teeth as a traditional pick, Cantu's innovative design lifts curly hair at the roots to stretch your tresses without compromising curl definition. 
  • To use, angle the Double Lift Pick towards the roots and gently lift to add volume. 
  • For best results, flip hair upside down and repeat, which allows hair to stretch further at the roots. 
  • This tool is perfect for thick, curly, hair, but also works great for waves that need a little extra pizazz. 

Pro tip

  • Style hair with Cantu's Twist and Lock Gel, Coconut Curling Cream, or the Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream to achieve perfect definition before using the Double Lift Pick to enhance volume.

(Barcode: 817513018923)

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