AS I AM Pure Oils Vitamin E Oil (2oz)




Pure Oils Vitamin E Oil

The most biologically active form of Vitamin E, 100% pure D-alpha Tocopherol is the most effective form as an anti-oxidant and fighting free radical damage.

  • Free radicals from the environment and from UV exposure can damage collagen and elastin and accelerate the aging process.
  • Increases Tensile Strength by 9%.
  • Improves Hair Moisture by 7%.
  • 34.2% Increase in Skin Moisture.
  • Makes the Hair 3x more Lustrous.


  • Apply to hair for moisture, shine, and smoothing.
  • Apply to skin for anti-oxidant activity and moisturization.
  • Only 1-2 drops needed per application.
  • For best results, mix small amount of Vitamin E oil with As I Am’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and apply to skin (on fine lines) or surface of hair.

(Barcode: 858380040051)

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