ARMOR ALL Foam Cannon Kit




Foam Cannon Kit


The Armor All? Foam Cannon can help you achieve a premium car wash at home. Simply connect the foam cannon to a pressure washer to start your at-home wash. It has never been easier to keep your car looking clean with our car wash products.

  • Premium car wash results for everyone
  • Provides thick and uniform foam coverage
  • Works with both gas or electric pressure washers (500-3,500 PSI)
  • Compatible with quarter inch Quick-Connect
  • Design makes it easy-to-use and ensures it won?t tip over

Armor All? Snow Foam Car Wash is an easy way to give your car an amazing car wash at home. Whether you prefer the enjoyment of washing by hand or the power of using a pressure washer and foam cannon, you can achieve thick, long lasting foam and help tackle dirt and grime with Armor All? Snow Foam Car Wash.

  • Sticks to vehicle throughout wash process to actively loosen dirt for safe, effective cleaning.
  • Contains hydrating agents that help foam stay wetter, so suds last longer.
  • Achieve thick foam either by hand-washing or by using a Foam Cannon.
  • pH-balanced formula is safe for use on wax and sealant coatings.


The foam cannon car wash spray attachment is simple to use and creates premium-looking results fast following the directions below:

  1. Rinse car with water to remove loose dirt.
  2. For standard-size vehicles: Add 6 oz. of your favorite Armor All? Snow Foam Car Wash to the soap reservoir and fill with water up to the 32 oz. line.
  3. For large trucks/SUVs: Add 8 oz. of car wash and fill with water to the 40 oz. line. Attach sprayer to the soap reservoir.
  4. Turn soap adjuster clockwise for greater soap-to-air ratio and thicker foam.
  5. Adjust the nozzle to the desired spray pattern.
  6. Connect foam cannon unit to pressure washer wand using ?? Quick-Connect.
  7. Start the pressure washer.
  8. Coat the entire vehicle from top to bottom.
  9. Use a mitt or a sponge to hand wash and lift surface dirt and grime.
  10. Rinse the vehicle with water.
  11. Dry immediately with a soft, dry microfiber or chamois.
  12. Rinse the soap reservoir and sprayer with water and allow it to dry before storage.

(Barcode: 067788194444)

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