ANNIE Broadus Collection Headwrap Scarf (36inch x 36inch)

AnnieSKU: ANN68513



Broadus Collection Headwrap Scarf (36inch x 36inch)


Silky smooth designer scarves from the King and Queen of Smooth, Snoop Dogg and Shante. These all inclusive multipurpose headwrap scarves are so versatile and meant to compliment any style. Specially designed in 2 sizes to accommodate any way you want to wear and style it. A true functional and stylish addition for any wardrobe.

  • Scarf measures: 36 x 36inch
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Ultra-silky premium fabric
  • Fits all styles
  • ANN68505 - Golden Tropics
  • ANN68507 - Island Palm
  • ANN68509 - Floral Zebra
  • ANN68511 - Africa 
  • ANN68513 - Camo (Available)
  • ANN68515 - Black (Available)

(Barcode: 705372685052, 705372685076, 705372685090, 705372685113, 705372685137, 705372685151)

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