AFRICA'S BEST Ultimate Herbal Oil (8oz)

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Ultimate Herbal Oil (8oz)



  • Africa's BEST Ultimate Herbal Oil A Blend of Penetrating Natural Oils revitalizes Dry, Thirsty Hair & Skin.
  • For skin & body massage: add generous amount To warm bath as a bodymoisturizer.
  • For dry skin: apply And rub into skin cuticles, And feet.
  • For body massage: To stimulate And relax your entire body, massage inthe power And mystical properties Of ginseng.
  • For hair & scalp: for hotoil treatment: wash And towel dry hair, heat oil (not boiling) And applyto hair And scalp. Cover hair with warm towel or plastic cap 5 To 10minutes. Rinse thoroughly And style.
  • For hair oil: squeeze small amountin palm. Massage into hair To lubricate dry hair.

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