HOME-POURRI Air + Fabric Odor Eliminator (11oz)

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  • Eliminate the funk, don?t mask it! Home~Pourri? refreshes any stinky room in your home.
  • Like, for real.
  • Proprietary natural Funk Lock? Technology neutralizes odor molecules so they never reach your nose.
  • Funk~Pourri? eliminates odor entirely and leaves your home smelling better than you found it ? guaranteed.
  • Simply spritz 3-5 sprays on any stinky surface** or into the air.
  • From the makers of Poo~Pourri so you know it works!


  • Eliminates 99% of toughest odors within 60 seconds (even cigarette smoke)


  • Odor doesn?t come back until you make a big stink again

** Do not use on leather, suede, or silk fabrics that may water spot.

(Barcode: 0848858022559, 0848858022566, 0848858022573)

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