ORS Olive Oil Texlax & Stretch Semi Straightening System




Curly or straight, textured or smooth, ORS? Olive Oil Texlax & Stretch Semi-Straightening System helps increase the manageability of coils and curls without sacrificing hair health and body. Olive Oil Relax & Stretch semi-straightens natural curl patterns up to 50%?leaving your hair with just the right amount of thickness for styling versatility.

The system includes exclusive Oligro? Oil blend made with Olive Oil?s proprietary complex of 6 oils and 6 extracts to load hair with maximum moisture and nourishment for enhanced curl memory and reduced breakage.


  • Mildly straightens natural curl patterns up to 50%*
  • Loosens curl pattern leaving hair with some curl definition
  • Improves manageability for easier control and styling
  • Retains 50% or more hair thickness
  • Reduces volume for a textured, blow-out look
  • Allows you to style your hair curly or straight
  • For all natural hair type

(Barcode: 632169211012)

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