EBIN BRAID FORMULA Dr. Feel Cool Anti-Itch Spray (8.5oz)




Braid Formula Anti-itch Spray, offers a tailored solution to alleviate scalp irritation and itching from protective hairstyles. This specialized formula provides both immediate relief and long-lasting comfort, while promoting overall scalp health. Its comprehensive approach to scalp care makes it suitable for those with protective hairstyles such as braids, twists, and locs. With its refreshing cooling sensation, the spray delivers instant relief, soothing the scalp and enhancing overall comfort and enriched with ingredients like Biotin, it not only relieves itching but also supports scalp health, fostering optimal conditions for hair growth as it also retain moisture in the scalp preventing discomfort associated with dryness.

[ANTI-ITCH SPRAY] Our Braid Formula Anti-Itch Spray is specially designed product that addresses the itching and irritation associated with protective hairstyles. Our Anti-itch Spray offers a convenient and effective solution for managing scalp itchiness and discomfort.

[WATERMELON MINT] Infused with combination of Watermelon and Mint providing a rejuvenating sensation. Biotin enriched formulation soothes itching as well as overall scalp health and promotes hair growth.

[QUICK AND EASY] Our Anti-Itch spray for braids features an easy-to-use spray applicator providing a quick and hassle-free solution for your scalp discomfort. With jus few pumps, you can apply the soothing formula directly to the scalp between braids, ensuring quacking relief from itching and irritation.

[MOISTURE] With its dual action of moisture retention and enhanced comfort, this spray effectively retains moisture that enhances overall comfort throughout the duration of protective hairstyles.


  1. Apply from bottle directly to the itchy, irritated areas.
  2. Massage in.
  3. For best results, apply all over the scalp.

(Barcode: 810122683360, 810122683377)

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