SALON PRO Chic Bond Lace Wig Bond Remover (4oz)




  • Quickly and Gently Removes lace wigs from the skin. Infused with Vitamin E & Argan Oil.


  1. Apply a thin layer of CHIC Bond? Lace Wig Bond Conditioning Remover to the front of the lace wig unit. Let the remover sit until the lace wig completely lifts from the bond/glue.
  2. Gently lift the lace wig unit from the head. 
  3. If there is any bond/glue residue left on the skin, apply more remover to a cotton ball, a swab or pad, gently rub that area in a circular motion to loosen the glue. Use a small tooth comb to gently lift the glue from the hairline.

(Barcode: 746817585575)

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