BY NATURES Mineral Water Mist (6oz)

By NaturesSKU: BNAT48150



By Natures? Mineral Water Mist is unique anti-hydration shield formulation containing 30 x more optimal essential minerals. It works as an anti-inflammatory which soothes and relaxes the skin and scalp while revitalizing the skin and hair due to a high mineral content. It has an immediate effect in reducing the appearance of pores, and it offers gentle purifying and detoxifying benefits. AquaxylTM 3D Hydration complex reduces the skin moisture loss and strengthens the barrier function and restores hair moisture at the heart of the cuticle.

How to Use

  • Close eyes and gently mist the face after cleansing. Apply anytime throughout the day for a refreshing boost of hydration.

(Barcode: 850012481508)

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