ARMOR ALL Disinfectant Spray Kills Covid-19 Virus




Armor All? Trigger Spray Disinfectant is protects your vehicle as a one-step cleaner and disinfectant. It kills 99.9% of SARS-COV-2*, which causes COVID-19, on hard, non-porous surfaces in just 10 minutes. The car disinfectant spray also works in trucks and RVs when applied to plastic, vinyl, metal, glass, mirrors, painted surfaces, mats and door handles.

  • One-step cleaner and disinfectant
  • Kills 99.9% of SARS-COV-2*, which causes COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Cuts through grease and grime on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • For use in cars, trucks and RVs
  • Streak-free finish with fresh scent


Use Armor All Trigger Spray Disinfectants on steering wheels, gear shift, seatbelt holders, door handles and other high frequency touchpoints.

  1. Pre-clean visibly soiled areas.
  2. Apply to hard, non-porous surfaces with a sponge, brush or directly to surface.
  3. Spray 6-8 inches from surface.
  4. Do not breathe the spray.
  5. Treated surfaces must remain visibly wet for 10 minutes before wiping dry.
  6. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Tips and tricks: Leave surface visibly wet for 10 minutes to effectively kill claimed bacteria and viruses.

(Barcode: 067788481193, 067788481414)

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