AMPRO Protein Styling Gel [Regular Hold]

amproSKU: AMP00405



Protein Styling Gel [Regular Hold]


  • For Molded or Sculptured Styles: Apply to wet hair then mold or sculpt as desired. Allow hair to dry under a heated hood dryer.
  • Do not disturb mold after drying.
  • Proceed with the desired style.
  • For Comb Through Styles: Apply foam or setting lotion to the hair and a small amount of gel to seal the outer perimeter of the head.
  • Dry hair under hood dryer, comb through mold and style.

(Barcode: 077312411107, 077312411114, 077312004156, 077312004057, 077312604325, 077312406226, 077312604806)

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