DE MERT Wig Lusterizer & Conditioner (9.76oz)

DeMertSKU: DME42137



De Mert Wig Lusterizer & Conditioner (9.76oz)


  • Lusterizer & Conditioner is a professional, crystal clear formula for superior conditioning and protection.
  • It makes wig hair sparkling, beautiful, super soft, and natural-looking in an easy to use formula.
  • For the longest life of your wig, continue its care with “DeMert Wig & Weave Shampoo” for cleaning and “DeMert Wig & Weave Net Spray” for a soft, natural hold.

  • Hold upright 10 to 12 inches from wig or hairpiece and spray evenly and consistently for best results, then brush or comb for the desired effect.

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