AS I AM Coils & Curls Care Package (3oz, 6pcs/kit)


SIZE: 3oz/85g
QUANTITY: 6pcs/kit


 Coils & Curls Care Package (3oz, 6pcs/kit)

  • 6 Amazing Products For You to Try!
  • Experience the superb performance of As I Am® products with this economical starter set. Designed to nurture and style the texture that’s naturally yours.
  • A wonderful collection of products formulated with an impressive assortment of nature’s finest organic ingredients.
  • Generous 3-ounce sizes. Adequate for you to experience product performance on a "Get-To-Know" As I Am® trial basis
  • Travel-sized tubes for Naturalistas on the go!
  • Save over 10% versus buying equal amounts of the products at regular prices.

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