ARDELL Natural Individuals Starter Kits [Knot-Free]




Natural Individuals Starter Kits


It's easy to get started on your big & bold lash journey with our Individuals Starter Kit. It contains all the essentials you need to apply short, medium, and long individual lash clusters: 56 pieces, LashTite® adhesive, LashFree® remover, and tweezers. Create your own custom lash look, use more for a fuller look, or less for accents as to fill gaps. Easy to apply and lasts for weeks.

  • Kit contains a combo pack of individual lashes (short, medium and long), LashTite® individual lash adhesive and LashFree® individual lash adhesive and tweezer
  • Create your own custom lash look
  • Use more for a full look, less for accents or to fill gaps
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts for weeks

(Barcode: 074764024046)

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