APHOGEE Hair Strengthening Kit [Step One & Step Two]

ApHogeeSKU: APH13541

SIZE: 3oz/90ml & 3oz/90ml


Hair Strengthening Kit [Step One & Step Two]



  • The ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit is a convenient way to help stop hair breakage for weeks and to prepare hair for any chemical service. This easy to apply, two-part system strengthens with protein and then softens with moisturizers and emollients. It’s effective on even the most damaged hair, works in minutes and lasts through multiple shampoos. Depending on hair type and care regimen, benefits last 2-3 weeks per application. No dryer required.
  • Improves strength and texture.
  • Prepares porous hair for color services
  • Combats splits and hair loss due to breakage

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