ARMOR ALL Smoke X Odour Eliminator Spray (56g) Discontinued




Smoke X Odour Eliminator Spray

Odours are destroyed with our Smoke X? Pump Spray


Smoke X? Midnight Air Pump Spray provides an on-the-go fragrance solution that eliminates smoke and other stubborn smells from food and pets. This handy pump spray can be used in the home, when travelling or in your car for instant freshness.

  • Formulated with Odour Elimination Technology.
  • Eliminates smoke & other stubborn odours.
  • pump spray is perfect for car, home & travel.
  • Easy to store and use.
  • Midnight Air scent for hints of lemon, verbena and warm woods.


Our on-the-go Smoke X? Pump Spray is easy to use and store for whenever your car or home needs a boost of freshness. Just:

  1. Remove cap and hold pump spray upright.
  2. Press down and spray in side-to-side motion.
  3. Replace cap for pump spray storage.

(Barcode: 067788193751)

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